our story

Why should we built this brand?

  • Maybe you don’t know much about cocktails.
  • Maybe you are not a professional bartender.
  • But we can create this surprise for you!
  • First of all, we believe that RIGOO can make surprises come true.
  • Secondly, we believe that RIGOO can help cocktail beginners get started quickly, create surprises for themselves and their families, and add color to life.
  • Finally, we believe that you can give yourself a sensual and intoxicating surprise.

What makes our products unique?

  • We regard bartending as a way to create family happiness and discover surprises, and RIGOO makes happy surprises simple and easy.
  • Bartending is not as complicated as you think, only the simple tools are needed, and you can make your ideal cocktail.
  • After many practices and trials, our bartenders finally developed several easy-to-use tool configurations for consumers with different needs.
  • Do you want to make your cocktail at home to create happiness and surprise? RIGOO is your best choice.

Why do we love what we do?

  • Make a delicious cocktail
  • It can eliminate the fatigue of your working day, which is a pleasant way to reward yourself and relax.
  • It can add fun to your family gatherings, and they will be proud of your newly added skills.
  • There is nothing better than drinking a cocktail and watching sports games with friends and family.